Current Projects – Public Review:

Batch 1 projects – N2 and N3 sections between Durban and Key Ridge

05 N3 Basic Assessment Report 1 Application DEA (amended) (April 2019)

06 N3 EA Authorisation BA1 (26 April 19) (Rev 0)

07 NEMA 107 of 1998_National_Appeal_Regulations

Batch 2 projects – N3 sections between Hammarsdale and Pietermaritzburg

07 N3 BA4 Application DEA Amended

08 N3 BA5 Application DEA Amended

09 N3 EA Authorisation BA5 (07 May 19) 

10 N3 EA Authorisation BA4 (19 July 19) (Rev 0)

11 NEMA 107 of 1998_National_Appeal_Regulations

  1. Environmental Authorisation (February 2020)

Ekuvukeni Water Supply Project

24G Application

Appendix A – Location Map

Appendix A – Project Maps.pdf

Figure 1 – Land use along the pipeline alignment.pdf

Figure 2 – Showing the proposed pipeline development.pdf

Figure 3 – Geology recorded in and around the study area.pdf

Figure 4 – Illustrating the NFEPA wetland and river systems that were recorded within the study area.pdf

Figure 5 – The general vegetation type associated with the study area..pdf

Figure 6 – Vegetation Units associated with the study area (Portion 01 of 03).pdf

Figure 7 – Vegetation Units associated with the study area (Portion 02 of 03).pdf

Figure 8 – Vegetation Units associated with the study area (Portion 03 of 03).pdf

Figure 9 – Terrestrial Systematic Conservation Planning units identified within the study area.pdf

Figure 10 – Vegetation sensitivity identified along the proposes pipeline (Portion 01 of 03).pdf

Figure 11 – Vegetation sensitivity identified along the proposes pipeline (Portion 02 of 03).pdf

Figure 12 – Vegetation sensitivity identified along the proposes pipeline (Portion 03 of 03).pdf

Figure 13 – The Geology associated with the proposed pipeline route and study area..pdf

Figure 14 – Illustrating the landcover associated with the study area.pdf

Appendix B

Appendix B – Site Plans

Appendix C – Land Owner Consent

Landowner Consent

Appendix D – Site Photographs

Appendix E – Permits

Ekuvukeni Permit Requirements rev.01

Appendix F – Additional Impact Studies

ACER- Ekuvukeni WWTW_Aquatic Biomonitoring 2020.pdf

Phase One Heritage Impact Assessment of the proposed upgrading of Ekuvukeni 450 MM Pipeline and Bulk Water Treatment Works_rev.01.pdf

SPS-REP-301-19_20 (Ekuvukeni- wetland aquatic  veg) DRAFT.pdf

Appendix G – Ekuvukeni Alternatives Report

Appendix H – EMPr

G Churchill – EAPASA Registration.pdf

Ekuvukeni EMPr (Rev 0).pdf

Appendix I – PPP Documents


21.01.2020 Ladysmith Herald Eng..pdf

23.01.2020 Eyethu Zulu Newspaper.pdf

23.01.2020 Zulu Advert.pdf

21.01.2020 English Advert.pdf

Comment and Response Report

Comments Received & Sent

21.01.2020 mailed S Govender DWS.pdf

21.01.2020 N Malinga I&AP.pdf

21.01.2020 Ekuvukeni BID mail merge.pdf

21.01.2020 Ekuvukeni Comment Sheet.pdf

21.01.2020 Ekuvukeni Notification Letter.pdf

21.01.2020 email A Smit-project team.pdf

21.01.2020 mailed D Gwede DEDTEA.pdf

21.01.2020 mailed L Sibango DWS.pdf

22.01.2020 email Z Mbanjwa DEDTEA.pdf

22.01.2020 mailed C Mullins.pdf

23.01.2020 DAFF Ackn. Letter.pdf

23.01.2020 DAFF email Ackn.pdf

20.02.2020 DAFF comments.pdf

20.02.2020 email DAFF.pdf

05.02.2020 DAFF T Xulu.pdf


Ekuvukeni Database.pdf

28.01.2020 Ekuvukeni Emails.pdf

Onsite Notice

21.01.2020 Ekuvukeni- Onsite Notice – English.pdf

21.01.2020 Ekuvukeni- Onsite Notice – Zulu.pdf



Appendix J – Supporting Information

DEDTEA Meeting following Directive Minutes.pdf

ECA – 24 G Application Letter to DEDTEA.pdf

Ekuvukeni – DEA Screenng Report.pdf

Pre-compliance notice UThukela 2019.pdf

RE_ Pre-compliance or Ekuvukeni 2019.pdf